Ten steps to become a professional in writing an essay – Manual for Essay Writing

If you want to become a professional in writing essay, here are the ten steps to follow to ensure that you get it done.

1. Deciding on a topic

This is an important first step because you want to make sure that you find a topic that is both relevant and interesting. The topic can be decided on by looking through the table of contents of the text that was assigned for your class or coming up with an original topic that caught your interest.

2. Preliminary research

Doing some preliminary research is important to ensure that you get an idea of what the topic is about. This will give you a background and help you start to draw some conclusions about your subject

3. Create a thesis

The next step is to decide what your thesis will be. Now that you have done some research, you should be able to draw a generalized conclusion that you can write your paper about.

4. Outline

The creation of an outline is a step that a lot of writers neglect. This is a bad decision. Outlines help you organize your ideas and keep you focused on your goal of proving your thesis.

5. Rough draft

Once you have your outline, you can start to draft some of your paragraphs. This will allow you to get most of your ideas on paper and start to see how things are flowing.

6. Transitional phrases

Tie each of your paragraphs together by using transitional phases. These can appear at the beginning or the end of your paragraphs. You can also have one at the beginning and one at the end. They are important because they direct the reader through the paper.

7. Introduction

Now that you have your draft started and things are progressing along, it is time to concentrate on the introduction. This paragraph should give the reader any background information that may be needed to understand the concepts that you are writing about. It should contain an interesting first few sentences to draw the reader in and end with your thesis statement.

8. Conclusion

Your conclusion will restate your thesis and pull the whole paper together. You can also leave the reader with something to think about.

9. Proofread and Edit

This is an important part of writing an essay. You want to make sure that the paper flows nicely, that it is free of grammatical or spelling errors, and that it stays on subject. You should dedicate a lot of time to this step.

10. Final copy

The last step is to format your paper in accordance with the style formatting set by your school or professor.